this spring i moved across the so called united states, from the home i'd lived longest in as an adult to the town where i was born, at the beginning of the covid 19 pandemic. these are some songs that i've been listening to (on repeat) this season. like haley hendrickx, i wanted to start a garden and i did start a garden in my (mom's) backyard. all star is played on homemade melon instruments. cuz unlock it has the word propane in the lyrics, i always end up imagining a king of the hill amv (i looked it up and no one has made it yet so if you feel inspired, please make one and send it to me). les fleurs is absolutely a spell meant to birth a world where cismen have divested from patriarchy.

quarantunes (2020)

  1. oom sha la la (live) - haley heyndrickx
  2. all star (melon cover) - pupsi
  3. supalonely - benee
  4. vibe - cookiee kawaii
  5. unlock it - charli xcx
  6. say so (japanese version) - rainych
  7. waking up down - yaeji
  8. les fleurs - minnie riperton
  9. bon voyage wharf - chu kosaka
  10. being human - aivi + rebecca sugar + emily king

Transparent Yellow Star